Design and implementation of sustainable mobility campaigns

What is the training about

Sustainable mobility campaigns offer the opportunity to increase the share of cyclists, pedestrians and public transport in a city without any infrastructural investments. They are also a key element to the success of any new infrastructure, since the provision of infrastructure alone will not necessarily make people change their travel behaviour. This module introduces you to the principles of creating behaviour change by campaigning. It is based on research results about successful campaigns promoting well-known brands. The core of the training is on presenting the key elements for planning and implementing sustainable mobility campaigns -  you will then discuss and create the plan of your own campaigns. read more

To do this, you will be:

  • defining your target groups,
  • detailing and adjusting your objectives,
  • identifying stakeholders, whose involvement is essential to the success of your campaign,
  • designing your message and the approach you would like to take to your target groups,
  • identifying the right communication channels and meth­ods to bring your message across,
  • deciding on the timing and resources dedicated to your campaign,
  • setting up lean but efficient monitoring and evaluation indicators.
  Each step of the training is based on best practice experience from various campaigns from your own country and from the European context. You will get to know plenty of examples of recent successful sustainable mobility campaigns that you can either directly adapt for your own use or use as best practice on which to base the development of your own campaign. Most of all, the key element of this training module is its focus on you! You can expect to take an active part in practical exercises, role-plays and discussions among yourselves as participants! close

Robert Pressl, Austrian Mobility Research –

Qualification: Working on mobility management & know how transfer. Co-ordination / participation in EU-funded projects e.g. Eltis, PORTAL, Active Access. read more

Robert Pressl worked as a trainer for the topics of mobility management / travel awareness in Germany, Austria, Poland and Italy since 1993. Furthermore he gave training sessions within the Eltis training in Graz, AT, Tallinn, EE, Budapest, HU and Krakow, PL: He co-ordinated the IEE-funded COMPETENCE training project with the target group of energy actors all over Europe. He also gives lectures at the University of Graz. His style of training is a well based mixture of theory and practical working sessions.
He is (co)author of several handbooks on mobility management / planning of campaigns. close

Karl Reiter, Austrian Mobility Research –

Qualification: Senior expert at FGM-AMOR, head of the team of Mobility Management and Travel Awareness. Graduated engineer with skills in teaching. read more

Karl Reiter is an experienced lecturer in the field of Sustainable Urban Transport (Mobility Culture, Socialisation and Education, Mobility Management, Walking and Cycling) He gave trainings in various European countries. Because of his involvement in numerous European research and demonstration projects, especially in the field of behavioural change / modal shift, he is able to integrate the latest project results into his training sessions. His ambition is to make every training lesson to a memorable experience. close

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Design and implementation of sustainable mobility campaign