Street design, streetscape and traffic calming

What is the training about

This training module shows how street design could better serve to create liveable streets. It intends to show that street design can contribute to balancing street uses to provide a more equitable distribution of space for all their users (pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, cars and trucks but also those who use the street for purposes other than transport, such as shopping and socialising; and with a focus on vulnerable road users like children, parents with children, youngsters or older people). read more

In general, street design deals with dimensions and standards. However, this training module is not meant to give an “apply anywhere and anyhow dimension recipe”, but rather to give some basic principles to follow when designing a street. This training module argues that the emergence of cars changed dramatically both the conception and the perception of our living environments and consequently our behaviour in them. Following the rational standards imposed by motorised traffic, the streets of our cities fail to respond to our living needs and expectations and to meet sustainability criteria. Thus module 5 is structured around three aspects:

  • the impact of the car on the conception of street space,
  • how the conception and perception of street space was affected by motorised traffic and
  • how alternatives can render our streets into more sus­tainable and pleasant environments.
During this training different street user models will describe: the “30 zone”, the “shared space”, the Dutch “woonerf”, with its British version the “home zone”, the Swiss “Begegnungszonen” (EN: “encounter zone”) and the Berner model. The lecture is based on approaches and views promoted by urban designers/planners like Donald Appleyard, Allan Jacobs, Jan Gehl and David Engwicht. close

Octavia Stepan, The Association for Urban Transition - ATU

Qualification: Octavia is an urban planner and designer specialised in sustainable mobility. Within ATU Octavia is both project manager and technical trainer. read more

Besides her involvement on behalf of ATU in projects like Active Access, Eltis plus, Active Travel Network and Advance, Octavia is also assistant professor at the University of Architecture and Urban Planning Ion Mincu, Bucharest, Department of urban design and landscape architecture. In this position she is in charge of different lectures and practical training. She is also carrying out a PhD researching approaching urban design and sustainable mobility in an integrated manner (title “Mobility and urban image”). close

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Street design, streetscape and traffic calming