Public transport models

What is the training about

This training module aims to help you to understand the benefits of a sustainable public transport system, and guide you to create such a system in your country. Specifically, you will get an insight into which actions will improve public transport, with respect to greater operational efficiency and increased attractiveness. You will gain an understanding of transport organisational models, as well as financial and regulatory structures. read more

All in all, this training module will mainly focus on public, and other sustainable means of transport (such as cycling) and their integration with public transport in order to be more sustainable, and more attractive to all of their potential users. Effort has been put into designing favourable conditions for public transportation to steer the transport development of entire municipalities, and addressing problems faced by special groups, such as seniors and the less mobile population. The module addresses all aspects of public transport, such as economic and financial concepts as well as environmental aspects. Furthermore, it includes working on small scale projects (mini-projects) giving you the opportunity to set your newly acquired knowledge into action. close


Stratos Papadimitriou, University of Piraeus Research Center

Qualification: Stratos is an expert in the fields of transport planning, public transport, parking space management, promotion and mobility management. read more

Dr. Papadimitriou is Professor in the University of Piraeus teaching transport planning and logistic systems courses. He served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) from 1997 to 2002. During his five-year tenure at OASA, the public transportation companies under the OASA umbrella were reorganised and restructured financially, a major investment plan was implemented, and a variety of innovative programs were introduced which modernised public transport in greater Athens and improved mobility. close

Ioannis Koliousis, University of Piraeus Research Center

Qualification: Expert in the fields of transport planning, cargo logistics, public transport, parking space management and mobility management. read more

Ioannis has extensive consulting and training experience from operational to strategic level in the field of transportation including devising public transport strategies for major PT Authority, traffic flow demand management, city logistics, re-organization in a light rail authority, pedestrianisation plans for city centres, mobility plans for small residential areas etc. Ioannis has trained middle level transport authority managers as well as coached c-level officials addressing issues such as parking measures, developing the vision and mission of PT companies, overcoming mobility issues. close

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Public transport models