Land use and housing in mobility management

What is the training about

Have you ever thought about the relationship between urban planning decisions and the way people move around? About how urban density affects public transport, or about the most suitable locations for a new hospital, school or house? Does traditional zoning improve walkability and bikeability? How off-street parking standard regulations may affect car use? What mobility implications can we expect from different building types? How sustainable mobility should be taken into account in a street project? read more

All these questions are covered in this module, which is inter­ested in both the large scale (urban planning) and the small scale (a street project, for example). Attention will focus on improving accessibility in new developments, the renewal of urban areas or existing areas, introducing technical concepts and illustrating all this with reference to good examples and best practice developed in different countries. The technical training will focus on how to reduce average trip distance and how to change modal split towards sus­tainable modes, by focusing in particular on three different key aspects of urban planning: spatial aspects, structural aspects and planning regulations. After some technical train­ing, further work will be based on mini-projects that each trainee will be encouraged to implement. So, bring along one of the projects you are already working on and come to think about the ways to improve it! close


Màrius Navazo, Gea 21

Qualification: Geographer, consultant in Transport Policy and Mobility Management, teacher in several Masters in Spanish Universities and in Tufts University of Boston. read more

Màrius has a degree and a Master in Geography in Barcelona University. He has been working at the Catalan Government on the Catalan Transport Infrastructures Plan, (2006). He has been also responsible of a methodology to set up a strategic environmental assessment in Catalonia  Since then he has been mainly focused on new railways and motorways appraisals,  design of cycle networks, organizing car traffic, converting streets to pedestrian areas, improving accessibility around schools, planning bus lines associated to new neighbourhoods, analyzing potential demand for new tramways and working on new road rings appraisals. As well as designing transport plans for other regions in and around Greater Barcelona. close

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Land use and housing in mobility management