Mobility management measures for families, kindergartens and schools

What is the training about

This training module is an information exchange, a work­shop and a place for discussions on mobility management and the special needs of children as the most vulnerable participants in terms of traffic and transport. It deals with problems you as a trainee have or see in this special field. The specifics of each local or regional situation will be taken into consideration.

The main objective of this module is to create a better situation in terms of mobility and traffic experience for children – today and for future generations. Habits, behaviour and understanding of the need of sustainable mobility and transport can be shaped in early phases of socialisation because concrete travel patterns have not been developed yet. read more

We will present and collect new ideas for mobility management across various sectors such as information, promotion, organisation and coordination, education and training and also site-based measures. Practical examples – focused especially on kindergartens, schools and families – will be presented and practical tools for the evaluation and monitoring of mobility management measures such as MaxSumo and MaxEva will also be presented. The aim is to support and enable participants in the development, implementation and evaluation of small scale projects (mini-projects) combining these, wherever possible, to support on-going work or plans.

Mobility management measures are “soft” measures to enhance the effectiveness of “hard” measures within urban transport with low costs and high benefits! If this sounds too good to be true, come and join our session and find out more. close

Udo Becker, TU Dresden, Chair for transportation ecology

Researcher, Consultant, Lecturer, Professur for Verkehrsökologie (Chair for transportation ecology) at Dresden University of Technology. read more

Main activities and responsibilities in
- Emissions of road traffic
- Energy and CO2 in transport worldwide
- Sustainable mobility: How is it defined, how can it be approached?
- Positive and negative external and internal effects of transport ("true costs of transport"), definitions, estimation methods, results, internalization strategies close

Veronica Schemien, TU Dresden, Chair for transportation ecology

Qualification: Lecturer and Researcher at the chair for transportation ecology, Dresden University of Technology. read more

Teaching at primary schools, conception of environmental education for and in schools, training on orientation skills for kids plus guidance and conceptions of thematic excursions on environmental issues. close

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Mobility management measures for families, kindergartens and schools