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COMPETENCE in one minute
“COMPETENCE - Strengthening the knowledge of local management agencies in the transport field” is a 30-months project co-financed by the European Commission within STEER within the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme EIE. The main activities in COMPETENCE are the design and implementation of international and national training and know how transfer activities, the design of training materials and the implementation of case studies as part of a training-on-the-job-program. The beneficiaries of the project are mainly local and regional energy agencies but also other organisations like environmental agencies, health bureaus etc. interested in enhancing their knowledge and skill base in the topic of urban transport. The COMPETENCE project consortium involves the active participation of 15 countries in Europe.

COMPETENCE started in 2005 and ended in 2007. TRANSPORT LEARNING builds on the results of COMPETENCE. The new project also deals with capacity building of energy agencies and municipalities in the field of sustainable mobility.